Las Vegas Luxury: What 5 Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles for Your Las Vegas Home?


Famous for its unrivaled casino scene and nightlife, Las Vegas is a vibrant city with exciting residential and recreational opportunities. Las Vegas luxury homes have many options, from grand mansions and single-family properties to stylish high-rise condos. If you live in or plan to move to this desert oasis, you can extend the luxury of Las Vegas into your home by glamming up your bathroom. Here are five factors you should consider when picking the perfect bathroom tiles.

Tile Size and Patterns

Because Las Vegas homes for sale are available in different architectural styles and square footage, the first thing you should settle on is the best size of tiles for your bathroom. Smaller tiles may blend better in a charming traditional home, while larger tiles will fit better in a contemporary house. That said, there are no set rules for picking tile size. Consider the scale of your bathroom and focus more on patterns. You can achieve a more captivating look by eschewing the traditional brick pattern.   

Tile Color

Color is a primary element of interior décor, and the color of your bathroom tiles will define the space. Consider the rest of your décor, including appliances, and try grout color. If you want a modern look, consider bold-colored mosaic tiles or neutral colors with smooth, seamless finishes. You can achieve a more traditional look with natural textured or handmade tiles.  Consider combining simple neutral subway and patterned floor tiles for a more exciting look. 

Tile Material and Texture

Although the marble tile is more popular, tiles are available in various materials and textures. Even marble has evolved from neutral to more exciting profiles like red, green, blue, and brown. Other options to consider include porcelain, ceramic, and encaustic tiles. Porcelain tiles are dense, complex, water-resistant, and perfect for a simple look, even though they are brittle. While expensive, encaustic tiles are porous and more flexible. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are more affordable and available in a wide range of colors.  


It is easy to get caught up in the shapes and colors of your tiles and forget about functionality. But bathroom tiles define the usability of your bathroom space, including how easy it is to clean and safety. While picking tiles, consider durability, water resistance, and ease of cleaning. You will be best served by durable, non-slip tiles that don’t collect moisture and are easy to clean.


Tiles also work with your walls to dictate your bathroom décor, so consider how they work together. While common, using the same tile on your floor and walls can make your bathroom feel bland and cold. Consider breaking the monotony by varying the color and textures of your floor and bathroom tiles. Mix and match different options if they don’t clash and make your space look too busy.  

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